bob bannière Bob Bucko - artiste pic


Folk (Dubuque, Iowa)


Bob Bucko, Jr. has been in a thousand bands you’ve never heard of. He used to play baseball and loves the Harry Potter books. “A true multi-genre embarrassment” (Ryan Werner, author of Shake Away These Constant Days), who is “all over the free-music map from jazz to drone to noise, and ruling in each area and every adjacent territory he crosses” (Thurston Hunger, KFJC), he’s been said to have “successfully thwarted recognizable songform in its entirety” (Rick Ele, KDVS). His second solo album (as BBJr) for Captcha Records, How to Fuck All Your Co-workers in One Sitting, was selected by WFMU as a “record of the day” and was featured on Brian Turner’s (WFMU) “Best of 2012” list.

 Some Things Are Glacial, Some Things Are Gone