BBjr cover

BBJr – Some Things Are Glacial, Some Things Are Gone  – JC027

Bbjr, artiste solo de Dubuque, IA et fondateur de Personal Archives nous offre des improvisations intimistes à la guitare. Musique touchante, fragile, douce, profonde, qui fait glisser dans les rêves et voyager dans la nostalgie.

Bbjr, solo musician from Dubuque, IA and head of Personal Archives label offers some intimate guitar improvs. Fragile, sweet, touching, deep, cinematographic, slipping into dreams in emotional travels.

« Although Bob Bucko Jr’s name seems to be tailored for a traditional country/blues/folk singer, he prefers to think outside the box and expand to other genres, while often staying in the singer/songwriter territory. »- Jakub Adamek, Weed Temple

“Bob Bucko is an example of classic Iowa folk. His music is original but pays homage to the tradition it comes from. We love the original sense of unforced weirdness. »- Nitetrotter