drone, doom, chant and spaghetti – western guitar melodies (Montréal)

Hellenica fuses dark ambient type instrumentals with elements of drone, doom, chant and spaghetti – western guitar melodies.

A 3 song EP They Are Out For Blood was released in March of 2012. It was followed by a full length album Blood Moon Wolf Head in November of 2014. The most recent album Forms was released in April of 2016 via Montréal label Jeunesse Cosmique. After the release of Forms Hellenica toured Europe in November 2016 performing in Germany, Czech Rep., and Netherlands.

Jim Demos grew up in the west-end’s industrial part of Winnipeg among rusted train yards and crumbling storage facilities. Aside from the years of searching out obscure metal albums as a kid, he later became interested in the Chicago, San Diego, Chapel Hill music scenes, shoe-gazer bands of the early 90’s, and the kraut-rock/experimental scene of the 70’s. Even though these styles could be heard in earlier projects, an ethnic influence was always present in his writing. When a child, his family would visit the Greek orthodox church on special occasions where he first heard the greek orthodox choir. Later on Jim became interested in spaghetti-western films and their soundtracks, and has taken these two influences as a canvas to work off of.

His past projects and collaborations include guitarist/vocals/writer in the noise rock band Ham, bass/writer in shoe-gazer band National Monument and guitarist/writer in Gothic western band The Dead Letters. Jim is also co-writer in the Golden Tombs.

In his 21 years as a musician he has recorded and performed in Europe, the U.S.A, and has toured Canada numerous times. 

In various projects, Jim has shared the stage with Pixies(usa), Damo Suzuki(ger), Grouper(USA), Julia Kent(USA), No Means No(can), Secret Machines(usa), Elevator to Hell(Can), Kittens(Can), Ken Mode(Can) Weights and Measures(can), North of America(can) Last of The Junitas(usa), Shallow North Dakota(can), Uz Jmse Doma (czech rep.) Peter Walker(USA) Sir Richard Bishop(USA) Tashi Dorji (USA/Bhutan) Nick Kuepfer(Can) Psalm Zero(USA). He lives and works in Montréal.