Così e Così

mark banmark wol


New/no life atmosphere (Montreal)

Identity/or lack there of, from the pattern of abandonment to eventual death of self to Così e Così: A solo/collaborative – recording/performative – multi disciplinary/musical coup d’etat. An exploration of the somber strength of sensitivity and beauty of femininity from within deep rooted persuasive masculinity; the dichotomy between fragility & bravado.

Così e Così presents an official introduction to it’s anonymous world with Self Exit. An extended album available for free download of new musiques amalgamated during the transition from a past life to new/no life.  Starting from the material of Kram Ran’s teased and abandoned album The Pattern of Abandonment comes Self Exit, a consolidation of disassociation – climaxing with a sample of Diamond Terrifier’s « Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Your Self » – a handing over of the lamplighter’s torch.

« From ‘Self Exit’ to ‘Being You Black Utopia’ Cosi e Cosi continues the process from the remains of shed skin into an abyss of one body to another. The songs dig inward, sexually, literally, and spiritually, but adopt a more rhythmic flow from prior. One fingertip running down another’s spine and slipping inside at the point of black utopian entry. »

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