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Innergaze witchdrones, stoner noise, ethereal, psyched tribal grlll, post-new-age, kraut pop, coldwave lo-fi, vintage synth abus, Montrealshitgaze, mélodramatiquewave pour adolescents (Montreal)

Masterpiece of soundbaster against the Wall of Sadness. You grew up in a cage before that day when a magician discovered you. Bande à Part in your eyes, À Bout de souffle in your ears. I can’t see darkness anymore, I just feel it deep in my heart. I’m just praying and wishing to see you again and again before the fireworks explode into the diamond sky. Let me see your pure melancholia, don’t cry….. dream over dreams. Fly over the fire in my eyes. – Chittakone Baccam, Baghdad 1929

 Neopaganism for teenage wanderers // In To The Grey

Coastal Heaven/Confusion canyon

 Tune your eyes to kaleidoscopic vision