J’m le fuzz


J’m le fuzz/compilation – JC020

Cheval Fou + CHE¥ENNE 40 + Velvet Glacier + Moonwood + Crabe + VOLX + Hazy Montagne Mystique + David and the woods + Asémantique +  Leamers + Téléphone Maison + Hobo Cubes + CT400 + David And The Mountain + YlangYlang + P/DO P/DRO + kLAUS lEGAL + Looks like Miaou + Cereal Banter

Eclectic local Montreal DIY label Jeunesse Cosmique knocks one out of the park with this beautifully handmade CDR comp featuring fuzz-laden tracks from all over da world. Explores the concept of fuzz and tasty tasty distortion in every context from dreampop psych garage to nasty noise. Really really rad smorgasbord of muffy crunch! – Matt Lee, The Big Takeover