sally shing cover

Sally Paradise – L’Ascension du Mont Shing – JC001

First of all, Sally Paradise, a Montrèal-based group has itself had a lot of line-ups and shapes and peoples through time and history, but now they are formed as a powerful threesome, sometimes foursome. They used to be inspired by lots of guitars (krautrock, psychedelic fuzz, fucked up foreign pop, flailing female grunge bands), huge-fat-ass mofo-ing beats (Wu-tang, I AM, GI Joe Killaz, Dose One ) and freak noise/spaced-out things (all those Japanese noise bands, John Zorn, Klaus Schulze, Mitsou). L`Ascension du Mont Shing is the quebecois` kick-off issue. It is a multifarious release in its stylistical clutter, furthermore, by the sensual side of the album sexual appeal gets surfaced as the indispensable result of a tight interaction of searing chillwave-ish whiffs, half-stifled dreaminess and sultry shoegaze-inflected progressions (and sung in French, of course!). On the other side, the listener gets headed off as if into the very early stage of his/her childhood. By the way, this blissed-out combo is now preparing a little tour in the US for September (Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, etc.) with their buddy Félix de l’Étoile and a special project with Téléphone Maison, both cosmic people at Jeunesse Cosmique. – Borealiscape